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Almost History: that whole space time continuum thing

Production Tips for
Almost History: that whole space time continuum thing

by Treanor Baring

In a hilarious series of time-travelling misadventures, a Reporter and a Sidekick livestream from great moments in American history.

Despite the über-scientist Sidekick’s best efforts to keep the clueless Reporter out of trouble, they change the course of history and return to a comically chaotic present. Even Einstein and Marie Curie cannot undo the disastrous effects of their mishaps.

Eventually, they are able to save democracy and technology by restoring order to the "whole space-time continuum thing."


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Tips from past Producers

I included historical puppets for the Adams, Franklin, Jefferson scene - hilarious!
Instead of building sets, we used projections and sparse props. There is not much time for set changes, so keep the set small and simple in order to avoid dead air time.
Since our Drama class only had 18 students, we decided to include all 11 members of our faculty! Our history teacher was THE history teacher, the science teacher was command control, the math teacher was Pathagoras, etc. It was exceedingly well received!

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