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Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools


by Bradley Hayward

A silly comedy about how the misuse of apostrophes are ruining the lives of students. Flexible casting, audience participation, and fun staging.

 About 40 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

13 Any Gender

Simple Set

 31 pages

Comedy Student Directors

Are you sometime's amazed at how many apostrophe's s'ome people manage to fi't into s'entence's? Then you're not the only one. That's just the problem that needs to be solved in this outrageous comedy.

This goofy show has an extremely flexible cast, audience participation, and really fun staging opportunities. It begs to be performed by silly students with a million clever ideas.

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13 Characters
13 Any Gender

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

EMCEE [A] 94 lines
This character has several monologues.
ANDY/ANNIE [A] 8 lines
the brown-noser
BABS/BRETT [A] 5 lines
the poet
CHAD/CHELSIE [A] 4 lines
the rebel
DEBBIE/DREW [A] 6 lines
the singer
EDGAR/EDITH [A] 4 lines
the geek
FIONA/FABIAN [A] 30 lines
the hot head
GREG/GINA [A] 24 lines
the jock
HELGA/HANS [A] 10 lines
the foreigner
IAN/IRIS [A] 24 lines
the brain
JANICE/JARED [A] 13 lines
the slacker
KEVIN/KARLA [A] 13 lines
the loner

MR/MRS SULLY [A] 63 lines
MR/MRS TRIPP [A] 14 lines
MR/MRS UNGER [A] 11 lines

Customer Feedback

My class chose Bradley Hayward's Apostrophe's even though I had a feeling it would not go over with an eighth grade audience. I was wrong. The students liked the fact that all parts could be played by either sex. They used this for 35% of their grade and nearly all students earned an A or B. Because some of the parts were short, even my special education students were able to shine.

Linwood Davis, Lunenburg Central High School, Lunenburg VA

Prop List

microphone, badminton rackets, birdie, large banner, National Enquirer, mock-ups, shoe, sock, marker, journal, glass of water

Production Photos


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