Do ghosts make a house haunted, or are houses evil to begin with? Only the spooky drama, The House, knows for sure...

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by Rachel Atkins

What would a group of girls do if they were abandoned alone, at a refugee camp, in an unnamed war zone, away from adults and civilization? As time passes without rescue, the girls face the adult challenges of creating and maintaining a working society, as they struggle to cooperate, understand their differences, define themselves, and survive. Will they establish civility or fall apart?

A response to the classic novel, Lord of the Flies. Please consider inclusive, racially conscious and gender-expansive choices in casting.

Drama Character Study Classical Adaptation Issue-Based

Average Producer Rating:

About 80 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
12 Characters
1 M | 11 F, Easily expandable
Simple set
71 pages

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Praise for Baalzebub

Emily Grimes
Graded - The American School of Sao Paulo
My students enjoyed the themes, and there were lots of opportunities for rich discussion with the cast (and audience).
Emily Grimes
Graded - The American School of Sao Paulo
Strong piece that really brought forth a lot of current issues. Lots of areas for character research for the actors.

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