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Malled: Two One Act Plays for Young Women

by Colleen Neuman

Many things happen in a mall. Heartbreak, Uncomfortable truths,True friendship, Cosmic questions with your french fries. Two plays. Great parts for girls.

Simple Set

 38 pages

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In addition to traditional live stage performance rights, Malled: Two One Act Plays for Young Women can also be performed under the following scenarios.

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Can be performed together as a complete evening of theatre, or separately as competition pieces.

On the lookout for plays with more parts for girls? Look no further! Malled gives you two great choices.

This Book is a Collection of 2 Plays


Ellen, Alice, Mona, and June share those uncomfortable truths that only close friends can tell each other, particularly regarding a boyfriend who wears red leather pants.

Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $21.95

 About 25 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

4 W

Simple Set

Yes, Virginia, There is a Virginia

An ordinary shopper survey takes absurd twists and turns for Virginia as she struggles to answer the surprisingly cosmic question: Is Ann Landers real?

Rights: $40.00, Script Distribution License: $65.95

 About 25 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

15 W

Simple Set


Ellen [W]
94 lines
Angry and distracted about something.
Alice [W]
74 lines
A sensitive soul with sensitive teeth. What secret is she hiding in her purse?
Mona [W]
85 lines
A good friend. Not afraid to speak her mind.
June [W]
97 lines
A philosopher with a healthy appetite. One Monologue.


Shopper Survey Person Number 12 [W]
69 lines
Virginia [W]
88 lines
Just wanted to visit the mall with her friend. Thrust into a surreal interrogation of reality. One Monologue.
Woman 1 [W]
11 lines
Loved Little Orphan Annie as a child.
Woman 2 [W]
8 lines
More of a Mary Worth fan.
Woman 3 [W]
4 lines
Assesses Virginia’s first answer to a crucial question. Finds it wanting. One Monologue.
Score [W]
9 lines
Keeps tally of Virginia’s score. It’s not looking so hot for her.
Mom [W]
16 lines
Less helpful than you would think a mom would be.
Aunt Flossie [W]
10 lines
Plays cards with mom. Also not particularly helpful.
Policewoman [W]
3 lines
Arrests Angie. Is all part of Person Number 12’s master plan.
Angie [W]
12 lines
Virginia’s friend A pawn in an ever-greater high stakes game.
Eleanor Roosevelt [W]
3 lines
The famous first lady. Looks better than she does in all those photos.
Ann Landers [W]
4 lines
The author, herself. So she does exist!

Prop List



a Coke, a shake, a paper napkin, shopping bags that contain new underwear and a new orange sweater


shopping bags, watch, dish of Jell-O, plastic knife and fork, cup of water, purse that contains small plastic bags of carrots and celery


shopping bags, burger, fries, soda, ice cream, cell phone


shopping bags, meatball sandwich, fries, drink, cheeseburger, chocolate soft serve, paper napkin, salad


Shopper Survey Person Number 12

clipboard, pen, and a purse that contains a small black box like a radio, ink pad, hospital bracelet, whistle, roll of money, gavel, small notepad


food including French fries, shopping bags

Woman 1


Woman 2



large white napkin, bowl of soup, spoon


a can of Pledge and a dust cloth

Aunt Flossie

deck of cards


two pieces of cloth

Eleanor Roosevelt

a high school yearbook


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