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Recommended for High Schools


by Wendy-Marie Martin

A beautiful character piece with three strong female leads.

 About 35 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

6 M | 6 W | 1 Any Gender

Simple set

 33 pages


Three girls named Summer. Three races of discovery. Summer Adams is looking for love in all the wrong places. Summer Robertson is hanging on through her battle with cancer. And Summer Davis refuses to lose, even at the expense of her body and her friends.

If we just breathe, where will we go? Will we crash or will we fly?

A beautiful character piece with three strong female leads.

13 Characters
6 M, 6 W, 1 Any Gender
SUMMER DAVIS [W] 91 lines
A seventeen-year-old cross country runner. She is fit, determined and very stubborn. Summer absolutely refuses to lose, which puts her friendship with Angel on the line.
ANGEL [W] 88 lines
Eighteen years old and Summer Davis’s best friend. Angel has a dream to become a famous sports therapist and considers Summer her first official athlete. Angel’s energy and enthusiasm are topped only by her high expectations.
Fifteen years old, slowly losing her battle with Ewing’s Sarcoma, a life-threatening form of cancer. Summer is petite and fragile on the outside, but strong and determined on the inside.
MICHAEL [M] 69 lines
A sixteen-year-old musical theater fanatic and Summer Robertson’s best friend. He’s determined to hold on to the memory of the best friend he’s ever known as he attempts to deny Summer’s slow final exit.
SUMMER ADAMS [W] 55 lines
Sixteen years old and looking for love in all the wrong places. She is smart but swayed by flattery from boys and raging teen hormones, which lead her into situations she can no longer control.
HUNTER [M] 48 lines
A seventeen-year-old football player and Summer Adam’s new boyfriend. Hunter is a big, tough guy whose intense teen libido tends to cloud his judgement.
KYLE [M] 43 lines
A seventeen-year-old friend of Hunter’s and Summer Adam’s ex-boyfriend. Kyle is still in love with Summer, but can’t admit it.
SEBASTIAN [M] 11 lines
An obnoxious sixteen-year-old football player who tags along with Hunter and Kyle. Easily swayed by the group mentality, Sebastian will say anything to be one of the guys.
KASSI [W] 11 lines
Sixteen years old, drama geek. Friends with Michael and Summer Robertson.
ALLISON [W] 10 lines
Sixteen-year-old cheerleader and Roger’s girlfriend. Can be doubled with Kassi.
ANDREW [M] 12 lines
A seventeen-year-old drama techie. Friends with Michael and Summer Robertson.
ROGER [M] 4 lines
A seventeen-year-old basketball player. Can be doubled with Andrew.

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