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Circus Olympus

Circus Olympus

by Lindsay Price

The circus has come to town! Well… sort of. There's no elephant on a bicycle but there are the Greek Geeks and have they got a story or two to tell. More specifically, a myth or two: Pandora's Box, Persephone and the Underworld, King Midas, Athena and Arachne, and don't forget the Mythapalooza Slam Jam!

A gleeful celebration with excellent large cast expansion and parts for all abilities. Circus elements are optional and are suggested for each myth.

THREE different lengths are included: Two Acts, One Act, or a 20 minute Competition Piece.

Comedy Classical Adaptation Movement-based

Average Producer Rating:

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

About 70 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
15 Characters
6 M | 9 F, Easily Expandable
Simple Set
63 pages
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Praise for Circus Olympus

Martha Hearn Kelly
Hand Middle School
The students loved doing this show! We had a lot of fun finding ways to incorporate their own "circus" skills into our production. We performed this with our 6th grade drama students, and the one act version was perfect. Plenty of parts for everyone!
Jennifer Taschereau
Wellan Montessori School
The students had so much fun with these stories. We went for a low budget, trunk show type feel to add to the circus theme and they took ownership in creating the props. The script lends itself to big physical exploration which was perfect for challenging my actors who are already comfortable in their bodies while giving my more reserved actors a chance to stretch their comfort with movement. The students also learned a lot about the power of comedy when the actor takes it seriously (with a mix of fun!) and knows how to reign it in so as not to overwhelm the audience.
Natasha Mcgregor
Gosforth Amateur Dramatic Society
There were plenty of opportunities to tailor the play to our cast. Flexible casting plus the inclusion of as many or as few circus elements as you like. The kids loved every minute!

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