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Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum

Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum

by Ken Preuss

Who says art is boring, especially when there’s romance and mystery in the air? A group of high school students reluctantly visit a small town art museum to complete a creative writing project.

But there’s more to the eye than a couple of paintings. There’s the legend of Vanishing Valerie, the obsession of love-struck Kaitlin, the mystery of why Duncan would try to eat a clay apple, and who is that woman wearing the not-so-great disguise? “Though the art saw it all, it remains on the wall, silently hiding the truth...”

A wonderful character-driven comedy.


Average Producer Rating:

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

About 35 minutes
Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks
12 Characters
5 M | 7 F
Simple Set
40 pages
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Praise for Epic Adventures in a Rinky-Dink Art Museum

Blake Downs
Clovis High School Freshman Academy
We enjoyed putting on this play! We enjoyed the simplicity of the sets and costumes and the realistic dialogue. We also coordinated with our art department to commission students to develop the three main paintings that are the focal points of the play and displayed them in the foyer of our venue. That allowed the audience to have something to return to and ponder after the performance.
Marisa Alfano
Nathan Hale-Ray Middle School
My students really enjoyed the play- they ranged from 5th grade through 8th grade. I loved the simple sets (we painted our own) and costumes. A good experience for the actors and myself (a director for 20+ years.)
Cooper Gorelick
Cherry Hill High School West
The play ended up having one of the tightest ensembles of the evening (part of our One Act Play Festival), and that was treat for me to see.

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