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The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

adapted by Laramie Dean from L. Frank Baum

There is no place like home.

 About 95 minutes
Act 1: 45 minutes, Act 2: 50 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

5 M | 8 W | 5 Any Gender, Easily Expandable

Simple set

 85 pages

Comedy Classical Adaptation

There is no place like home.

Dorothy and Toto get swirled into a cyclone and find themselves dropped in the land of Oz – a land where scarecrows talk, lions are cowardly, and witches are very real.

In this fantastic adaptation of the original L. Frank Baum novel (there are no singing munchkins here) every fantasy element is easily and practically staged with just 10 cubes. You too can bring winged monkeys to life!

Gender flexible. Excellent ensemble opportunities. Budget friendly.

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18 Characters
5 M, 8 W, 5 Any Gender, Easily Expandable
DOROTHY [W] 227 lines
A young girl from Kansas.
TOTO [A] 12 lines
Dorothy’s dog.
SCARECROW [M] 107 lines
A man stuffed with straw. No brains (he says).
TIN WOODMAN [M] 99 lines
A man made of tin. No heart (he claims).
LION [M] 94 lines
A talking lion. No courage (or so he believes).
A powerful, terrifying sorceress with one eye.
WIZARD OF OZ [A] 29 lines
A humbug unable to actually perform wizardry.
GLINDA [W] 29 lines
A powerful sorceress, beloved and respected.
Ten actors who tell the story of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and perform as several characters, locations, props, and special effects. Configurations listed below are suggestions only - feel free to cast as many actors as work for you.

Aunt Em, Crow A, Munchkin Dancer, Poppy 1, Oz as Giant Head 1, Oz as Fire 1, Wolf 1, Winged Monkey 1, Winkie 1, Fighting Tree, Part of Spider, Balloon

Uncle Henry, Crow A, Munchkin Dancer, Kalidah A, Poppy 2, Oz as Giant Head 2, Oz as Fire 2, Wolf 2, Winged Monkey 2, Winkie, Tiger, Balloon

Witch of the North, Crow, Munchkin Dancer, Kalidah B, Poppy 3, Oz as Giant Head 3, Oz as Fire 3, Winged Monkey 3, Beast 1, Balloon

Munchkin 1, Boq, Kalidah B, Poppy 4, Oz as Ferocious Beast 1, Wolf, Crow, King of the Winged Monkeys, Winkie, Fighting Tree 2, Part of Spider, Balloon

Munchkin 2, Munchkin Dancer, Old Crow, Nimee Aimee, Kalidah, Poppy 5, Oz as Beautiful Woman, Crow, Wolf, Winged Monkey 5, Winkie, Fighting Tree 3, Part of Spider, Balloon

Munchkin 3, Munchkin Dancer, Munchkin Baby, Nick Chopper, Mouse 1, Oz as Ferocious Beast 2, Crow, Wolf, Winged Monkey 6, Winkie 2, Tiger, Citizen

Munchkin Dancer, Queen of the Field Mice, Oz as Ferocious Beast 3, Crow A, Wolf, Winged Monkey 7, Winkie, China Doll 2, Beast 2, Citizen

Munchkin Dancer, Tinsmith, Mouse 2, Soldier at the Gates, Oz as Ferocious Beast, Crow B, Wolf, Winged Monkey 8, Winkie, Part of Spider, Hammerhead 1, Citizen

Crow B, Munchkin Dancer, Wicked Witch of the East, Mouse 3, Oz as Ferocious Beast 5, Queen of the Crows, Wolf, Winged Monkey 9, Winkie, Part of Spider, Hammerhead 2, Citizen

Munchkin Dancer, Wildcat, Mouse 4, Guardian of the Gate, Oz as Ferocious Beast 6, Leader of the Wolves, Crow B, Winged Monkey 10, Winkie, Head of Spider, Hammerhead 3, Citizen

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