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Recommended for Middle Schools


by Lindsay Price

This middle school vignette play examines self-image and appearance.

 About 35 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

4 M | 7 W, Expandable to 18W 13M

Simple Set

 38 pages

Dramedy Character Study Choral Work Issue-Based Movement-based Vignettes

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Reviews from Past Producers

“This shirt has to show everything there is to know about me, my absolute coolness, and demonstrate my abilities to reach the highest rung on the in-crowd ladder.”

Middle schoolers face a tornado of questions every day. What do I wear? What if I wear the wrong thing? What is she wearing? What do I look like? Stop looking at me!

Hoodie examines image and appearance in the vignette style and poses what may be the most difficult question of all – Do I stay in the clump or do I stand alone?

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This is a vignette play! What is a Vignette Play?

11 Characters
4 M, 7 W, Expandable to 18W 13M

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

Man One:
Ben [M] 18 lines
Isn’t gonna get hit by capital letters.
Ryan [M] 6 lines
Wonders if Jimmy just woke up that way.
Boy [M] 4 lines
Trying to get that sweet spot between too much and too little cologne.
Jonas [M]
Has trouble with the gym teacher. One monologue.

Man Two:
Lucas [M] 13 lines
Once saw someone eat thirty-seven hotdogs.
Father [M] 27 lines
Is concerned that his son is happy.
Jeremy [M] 26 lines
Getting shoes with his mom.

Man Three:
Dr. Lou [M] 27 lines
An expert in “the change.”
Flimflam [M] 27 lines
A clothing hustler.

Man Four:
Aiden [M] 4 lines
Knows there’s nothing wrong with being “too”. One monologue.
Nicholas [M] 16 lines
Has a father and mother than expect him to crumble. Doesn’t.
Jimmy [M] 8 lines
Doesn’t think it’s hip to be square.
Jazz [M] 14 lines
Thanks Briana is a pain.

Woman One:
Hoodie [W] 7 lines
Stands up to the Clump. One Monologue.

Woman Two:
Natalie [W] 5 lines
Has her confidence shaken. One monologue.
Mom [W] 26 lines
Helps Jeremy pick out shoes.
Ashley [W] 16 lines
Cheerleader coming through!

Woman Three:
Emily [W] 17 lines
Thinks Emma looks fabulous.
Addison [W] 6 lines
Doesn’t want to turn into a square.
Amber [W] 15 lines
Super into Briana.

Woman Four:
Emma [W] 16 lines
Thinks Emily looks fabulous. Maybe not those shoes, though.
Tina [W] 20 lines
Getting a new nose at the body factory.
Bamboozle [W] 34 lines
Flimflam’s partner-in-crime.

Woman Five:
Charlotte [W] 28 lines
Unfriending Trilby.
Layla [W] 6 lines
Doesn’t believe it.
Bailey [W] 12 lines
Also dislikes Briana.

Woman Six:
Trilby [W] 28 lines
Unfriended by Charlotte. Taking it badly. One Monologue.
Rachel [W] 20 lines
Wants to know what’s so wrong with Tina’s current nose.
Neve [W] 11 lines
Likes the Hoodie.

Woman Seven:
Mother [W] 25 lines
Wants to know why her son is so well-adjusted.
Briana [W] 40 lines
Head cheerleader. Mad with power.

The Clump (chorus):
The Clump [A] 30 lines
Terrified to stand out in any way. One monologue.

Awards and Accolades

  • Best Production Award at the 2013 Dandenong Ranges One Act Play Youth Festival.
  • Best Canadian Play, 2013 Sears Drama Festival Niagara District.
  • Best Production 2014 Kentucky Theatre Association Middle School Festival

Customer Feedback

Hi Lindsay,

I have just come back from my drama group performing Hoodie as part of a one act play festival competition. I have no idea if they will receive any awards yet and I really don't care because I am just so happy with how they worked as an ensemble and the excellent feedback from the adjudicator and the audience members.

People loved your script and it was absolutely perfect for our group of 11 - 13 year olds. With a 'Clump' that ended up only having 6 members, I wasn't sure how it would go but the great part about your script is that the lines can be delegated to as many or as few people as possible. I also had to make a couple of changes as to who played each role (things like my Woman 3 suddenly becoming unavailable and me then having to give those roles to the other 'Women') but the play is so flexible it worked perfectly! I wanted my Hoodie character to be a strong performer but then felt this role was a bit small and so I cast him as Jonas too and WOW! the change in his two characters was outstanding.

Anyway I really just wanted to say thank you so, so much for a brilliant script and I will try and send you some photos as soon as possible! We really appreciated the opportunity to perform your wonderful play.

Cat Gemmell
Gemco Players Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

I have taught theatre for over 30 years to all ages – 5 year olds through adults. I have had many experiences with students and plays, but our experience with HOODIE was simply astounding. We had very little time to prepare, but the students were so into it, loved the play so much, they worked hard and made it happen. The peals of sustained laughter from teachers and students alike was a great tonic for the actors. The quiet final moment was, in a room with 350 youngsters, totally quiet. And then there was a spontaneous standing ovation from the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students! How cool is that?

Following the performance I got emails from faculty with words like "incredible," "excellent," "very meaningful," "impressive," and "Bravo." I can't tell you how many times faculty members have stopped me in hallways to say what a wonderful play for their students to see. One even asked me if the playwright was a middle school teacher because no one else would be able to understand middle school angst so deeply.

Elaine Malone, The Durham Academy

Prop List

hankie, magazine, flyer (or laptop), coat hanger

Production Photos



Excerpt from the Fuller Middle School production.

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