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She Wrote, Died, Then Wrote Some More

Production Tips for
She Wrote, Died, Then Wrote Some More

by Steven Stack

Tonight was going to be writer Alina Deveraux’s most important night, the unveiling of her memoirs: a non-fiction fictional retelling of Alina’s life moment by moment up until three hours ago when she finished it.

Until she ended up dead. Or not dead.

The comedic, melodramatic one-act mystery, She Wrote, Died, Then Wrote Some More, is an hilarious romp that features betrayals, broken hearts, a rather odd but beautiful love story, and many twists. The play features a cast of eccentric and unique characters, who may or may not at some point end up dying themselves. Or appearing murdered because of a rare fainting when frightened disorder…

Melodrama Mystery

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Tips from the Author

Remember that with a melodrama the absurd is normal. Melodrama are fun because they take everyday situations and throw in absurd twists - fake murders, bizarre disorders, ridiculous betrayals, ludicrous love stories - such eccentricities are normal and expected. Thus, the characters are never shocked when something ridiculous takes place. To them, this melodramatic world is the real world and they take it quite seriously. That’s key. Melodrama characters can’t see and should never comment on the bizarre situations they find themselves in.

Click here for a great blog post where She Wrote, Died then Wrote Some More lead character Alina Devereaux shares some more thoughts on melodrama…

Tips from past Producers

Very physical. Lots of "fainting" and falling. If you can get some assistance with the physicality, I'd recommend it. We set our show in the 1980's. That time period really works well for this piece. It's excessive and over the top and the 1980's was just such a time.
We set our show in the 1980's. It really fit the mood of the piece.

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