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Shuddersome: Tales of Poe

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

Shuddersome: Tales of Poe

adapted by Lindsay Price from Edgar Allan Poe

A vivid and theatrical adaptation of some of Poe's best known works. Multi length versions to fit every performance need.

 About 45 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

4 M | 5 W | 25 Any Gender, Doubling Possible

Simple Set

 51 pages

Drama Choral Work Classical Adaptation Movement-based Mystery Reader's Theatre

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Reviews from Past Producers

“Once upon a midnight dreary,
While I pondered, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious
Volume of forgotten lore...”

The thumping of a heartbeat. The creak of a door. The howl of a bitter wind. The gong of a clock tower. The clang of alarm bells. The sound of beating wings getting closer and closer…

Specters, ghosts and ghouls come alive in this vivid theatrical adaptation of some of Edgar Allan Poe’s best-known works. Included are The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven, and The Masque of the Red Death.

Poe’s words rise from the page like corpses from the grave. Be careful. Do you hear that tap, tap, tapping?

Multi-length versions of the script to fit every need.

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34 Characters
4 M, 5 W, 25 Any Gender, Doubling Possible

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

The Tell-Tale Heart
The Old [M] 24 lines
The Young [M] 75 lines
Police One [A] 9 lines
Police Two [A] 10 lines
The Shudders [A] 54 lines

The Bells
Silver One [A] 6 lines
Silver Two [A] 5 lines
Silver Three [A] 2 lines
Gold One [A] 7 lines
Gold Two [A] 4 lines
Gold Three [A] 4 lines
Brass One [A] 9 lines
Brass Two [A] 8 lines
Brass Three [A] 8 lines
Iron One [A] 16 lines
Iron Two [A] 14 lines
Icon Three [A] 11 lines
The Shudders [A] 22 lines

The Oval Portrait
Painter [M] 0 lines
Extensive mime
Picture Lady [W] 0 lines
Extensive mime
Young Lady [W] 0 lines
Extensive mime
Soul Suckers (x2) [A] 0 lines
Extensive mime
The Shudders [A] 0 lines

The Raven
One [A] 38 lines
Two [A] 38 lines
Three [A] 38 lines
Four [A] 37 lines
Five [A] 36 lines
The Shudders [A] 12 lines
Ensemble; You can have many more Individual Speakers for this poem. Feel free to divide the lines among more speakers.

The Masque of the Red Death
Narrator One 17 lines
Narrator Two 17 lines
Narrator Three 16 lines
Guest One 21 lines
Guest Two 21 lines
Guest Three 16 lines
Prince 15 lines
The Spectre
Extensive mime
The Shudders [A] 25 lines

Robert Jones [M] 42 lines
Father [M] 15 lines
Mother [W] 1 line
The Artist [W] 9 lines
The Duchess [W] 11 lines
The Countess [W] 7 lines
The Marquis [M] 4 lines
The Prince [M] 15 lines
The Elector [W] 4 lines
The Shudders [A]

Awards and Accolades

  • Advanced to the All Ontario Showcase of the 2013 Sears Drama Festival
  • Clinton High School - Best Overall Costume at North Mississippi DramaFest; Best Overall Costume at Mississippi Theatre Association Festival
  • Laingsburg High School - Advanced to the State level of The 2018 Michigan Interscholastic Forensic Association Theater Festival
  • Langley Fine Arts School - Outstanding performance in the Langley District Drama Festival, advanced to the 2019 British Columbia Provincial Festival
  • Cambridge-Isanti High School - 2019 - Mississippi 8 conference starred Performance, Minnesota Sub-Section 7AA Champions, Minnesota Section 7AA Champions and Minnesota State Festival Performers

Prop List

Blanket, Ribbons, Skull mask, 60 minute version - Book, 60 minute version - Hanky

Production Photos



An elegant and inexpensive solution to the The Masque of the Red Death scene.

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