Stupid is Just 4 2day

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

Stupid is Just 4 2day

by Lindsay Price

Connect and commiserate with these characters who can't help but do stupid things. An amazing ensemble opportunity.

 About 30 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

3 M | 7 W, Easily Expandable

Simple Set

 34 pages

Comedy Choral Work Student Directors Vignettes
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"My brain says stupid, stupid, stupid and I never listen. Why don't I listen?"

We all have moments of earth-shattering, mind-numbing, crawl into a hole and die stupidity. It's inevitable and impossible to avoid. You will connect and commiserate with these characters, who crash into displays, cheat on tests though they know it's wrong, do things they were explicitly told not to, fart in front of the whole school, and shave their heads to impress a girl.

Stupid is Just 4 2day takes ensemble work and the vignette play format to eleven. Win the Best Ensemble award!

This is a vignette play! What is a Vignette Play?

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