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Virtual Family

Production Tips for
Virtual Family

by Christian Kiley

Who needs to go outside when you've got a screen to show you what outside should look like? Who needs to do chores when laundry can be folded at the push of a button? And who needs a real family, anyway? Isn't it better to talk through text messages and receive preprogrammed communications from your parents? Sure it is.

Live safe and sound in the Virtual Family, a soothing world where complete dependence on technology is the name of the game. When technology takes away all your ills, conflicts, and concerns, you become a happier human being. Right?

Virtual Family has three endings to choose from.

Drama Issue-Based

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Tips from past Producers

Because there is not a lot of natural blocking and you may choose to have the robots have more monotonous voices, it's very important to have the kids' voices be very lively and to block movement wherever you can. It is also VITAL that the PADs are exact with their lines, as many are simultaneous!

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