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Will and Whimsy: Sixteen Dramatically Illustrated Sonnets of Shakespeare

Will and Whimsy: Sixteen Dramatically Illustrated Sonnets of Shakespeare

by Alan Haehnel

Shakespeare stands before you. A book of sonnets in his hands. His sonnets. 154 of them. Will you take the book? Will you read the sonnets?

NO WAY!!!!!!

Shakespeare isn't meant to be read. He's meant to be performed, shouted, loved, wept with, cursed over, died for, fought for, bled for!

You might think that's a bit much. Somewhat over-emotional. You can't understand a word Shakespeare says, and now you're supposed to get choked up? And bleed? Over Sonnets?

Fair enough. Start with Will and Whimsy. Modern scenes play hand in hand with the original text.

The sonnets come alive. No bleeding. We promise.

Comedy Classical Adaptation Shakespeare Student Directors Vignettes

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Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

About 50 minutes
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8 Characters
8 Any Gender, Expandable to 35
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43 pages

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Praise for Will and Whimsy: Sixteen Dramatically Illustrated Sonnets of Shakespeare

Gena Lea Smith
Van Vleck High School
We had a lot of fun with this show.
Rainer Kittel
Kunstschule Labyrinth
Lots of fun and a great experience for the kids.
Christine Vitale
Oberoi International School Mumbai,India
Once the students understood the interpretations of the sonnets, they got into the play. The parents liked this one because the students were learning some Shakespeare.

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