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12 Days of Classroom Exercises

12 Days of Classroom Exercises
Written by Lindsay Price

We’re counting down the 12 Days of Christmas with 12 of our most popular Classroom Exercises! No matter which holidays you celebrate, these exercises are a useful tool to keep in your back pocket – and every exercise comes with a free download for immediate use in the classroom!

  1. Devising Exercises
  2. Worst Case Scenario” Exercise
  3. “Improv Games for Collaboration” Exercise
  4. “Monologue Evaluation” Exercise
  5. “I Would Never…” A Pre-study Romeo & Juliet Exercise
  6. “What’s in Your Bag?” Character Development Exercise
  7. Instagram Journaling” Expression Exercise
  8. “Collaboration Games: One to Twenty” Warm-up Exercise
  9. “Relationships in Romeo & Juliet” Exercise
  10. Indoor Clouds” Playwriting Exercise
  11. “Playing with Change” Devising Exercise
  12. “Reality vs. Illusion” Exercise

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