5 Great Playwriting Exercises for Middle & High School Students

Top 5 Playwriting Exercises
Written by Lindsay Price

Enjoy some of our most popular playwriting exercises for aspiring writers in middle and high school! Every exercise comes with a free PDF download of the exercise or handout to use in the classroom.

1. “Hurdling the First Line” Playwriting Exercise
It’s always easier to give in to writer’s block than to overcome it. Use this exercise to jump over that hurdle.

2. “Name Game” Title Exercise
Whether it’s a movie, novel, or play, the title acts as a doorway into the piece. Use this exercise to practice creating a variety of titles based on a photograph.

3. “Inner Monologue” Playwriting Exercise
If you get into the habit of observation–noticing the details about people, places, and things–you‘ll never run out of material to write about.Try this inner monologue exercise to sharpen students’ observation skills.

4. “Subtext” Playwriting Exercise
Subtext adds depth. There’s the verbal conversation that two characters are having, then there’s the nonverbal conversation underneath the verbal conversation. This exercise includes 4 sets of writing prompts for students to uncover the meaning behind the words.

5. “Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast” Creativity Exercise
Being creative means being confident that you can solve a problem in a new way, regardless of what other people think. This post comes with an “impossible scenes” exercise and a downloadable poster for your classroom!

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