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A Classical Collection: The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales
Written by Lindsay Price

If you’re looking for a classical adaptation with great characters, lots of humour, and strong ensemble work, keep reading! In the lively, full-length adaptation, The Canterbury Tales by Lindsay Price, Chaucer’s classic collection of tales comes to life – in modern day English! Each and every performer gets a chance to shine in this spirited, charming script – and the talented students at Firm Foundation Christian School in Battle Ground, WA all shone brightly. Thanks so much to Dori Millay and Ada Henderson for sharing their story:

We recently performed The Canterbury Tales. Being a small, private school, with limited staging and students, it can be difficult to find plays that work for us. This play was fabulous!! Our group of 10 actors each got to play a variety of parts. We had a wonderful response from our audiences; lots of laughter!! I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this play!! I’ll be checking the Theatrefolk website next year when planning begins!

Amazing job, Firm Foundation Christian School!

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