The Canterbury Tales

The Canterbury Tales

adapted by Lindsay Price from Chaucer
Two Acts, 4M+4W, Easily Expandable, Simple Set, 69 pages

Suitable for
High Schools and Middle Schools
Comedy and Classical Adaptation
1-894870-34-4 / 978-1-894870-34-4

About the Play

"What if the story is so long that time drags on and on and on and I have to leave the group and cry by the side of the road and I never get to Canterbury?!"

Chaucer's classic collection of tales comes to life in a brilliant full-length adaptation.

A group of travelers set out for Canterbury on a pilgrimage. To pass the time they entertain each other with a storytelling contest. Best story wins a prize.

Each and every performer gets a chance to shine in this spirited, charming script.

Great characters, lots of humour, and strong ensemble work. Text uses modern English.

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Customer Comments

I recently saw your shout out to BCHS on your blog, as well as the podcast where you spoke to some of my classmates and fellow castmembers of Stroke Static. I played Ruthie in Stroke Static and The Prioress in The Canterbury Tales. I would like to take the time to let you know just how much that performance meant to me.

Participating in Stroke Static was by far one of the best, most rewarding, and life-changing experiences of my life so far. But even past that, the fact that we touched so many people in our performance really affected me. I sincerely wish that you could have been there to see it. It was truly magical.

I would like to thank you from the very bottom of my heart for the work you put into this play. I hope we made you proud!

Caitlin Herst, Student Performer, Boulder Creek High School

I have thoroughly enjoyed directing my last three shows - The Canterbury Tales, Will and Whimsy, and Circus Olympus. They are excellent adaptations, creatively conceived and written and classically based, all characteristics I look for in a high school show.

I am retiring this year after directing 63 high school shows over 38 years, but I will encourage my successor to check out your cataglogue of plays.

Nicholas DeLucia, Hancock Central School

The cast for Canterbury Tales is composed of 4 native English speakers and 4 English Language Learners (all have high proficiency in English).We are very excited to deal with such a 21st century theatre company! The ability to preview and purchase digitally is an amazing thing for us here in Ecuador! The ability to purchase video production rights is also a very big deal for us. It is not common with most of our shows and a disappointment to all of the international family members that can't see our performances live.

Ellen Evans
Coordinator of Curriculum and Professional Development
The Alliance Academy International
Quito, Ecuador

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