Shakespeare has writer’s block. Nothing inspires him. The best he can come up with is “Now is the winter of our irritation!” Postcards from Shakespeare by Allison Williams is so much more than your typical Shakespeare spoof.

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December Reading List: Holiday/Winter Plays

As December unfolds its festive charm, our focus turns to a collection of plays crafted to bring holiday magic to your stage or classroom. From heartwarming tales to whimsical narratives, these scripts promise to capture the joy and spirit of the season.

So bundle up and check out our December reading list. Let these plays be the delightful touch that elevates the season, transforming it into a memorable experience.

This Christmas collection is unlike any other. Deck the Stage is a show is comprised of six short plays, all of which are inspired by Christmas carols such as: Deck the Halls, The Twelve Days of Christmas, and We Three Kings.

The plays can be performed individually, or all together as a complete evening of entertainment.

An excellent project for your drama club with parts for everyone at all levels!

A group of lively traveling players are at your service as they take you on a spirited adventure through Christmas past and present. They have searched the globe for Christmas stories and songs that will amaze, thrill, and delight children of all ages.

A great play for beginners, The Merrie Christmas Show can be performed with almost any sized cast. Lots of room for audience participation.

Cross your fingers and toes for six more weeks of winter. Stick your tongue out to catch the first snowflake. Wish for a snow day. Make a snow angel. Stand at the top of the most intense, intimidating ski hill 'cause those girls said you were cute.

Love snow, hate snow, never seen snow, this play is for you. Whether you live in Juneau or San Francisco, Toronto or Orlando, your audience will get frostbite for The Snow Show.

Shakespeare’s characters are festive. Very festive. And they deserve to be part of the corporate machine that celebrates the holidays every year!

Perhaps there are some characters who don’t exactly make the right choices that would fit the seasonal spirit… but if we can overlook that, so can you. Huzzah!

Celebrate the season with Shakespeare's Super Snowy Seasonal Sleigh Ride Stage Show!

Humbug High: A Contemporary Christmas Carol is a new take on the classic Dickens tale! Eddie Scrooge is 17 years old. He hates his parents and his classmates. His only goal in life is to make money and keep his heart ice-cold. He carries his own low temperature always about him and doesn't thaw one degree at Christmas.

He is on his way to becoming a miserly, miserable, tight-fisted hand to the grindstone, until one Christmas season he is taken on a journey by Madge, the lunch lady, and the ghosts of Christmases past, present and future. Scrooge is about to meet the errors of his ways face-to-face.

The evil Dr. H.Q. Crankspea has really done it this time. The dastardly villain has stolen the antlers from Santa's reindeer. Everybody knows that reindeer need their antlers to fly straight. Christmas is doomed!

Joe Mufferaw (our hero) needs help from the most unlikely of sources - the audience! Can the stolen antlers be recovered? Can Christmas be saved? Or will Joe be too late?

The Robbed Reindeer is excellent for grade school and family audiences.

When Santa is trapped by zombies (who have somehow gotten into the North Pole toy shop) two reindeer fawns are determined to save the day. But as they make their way through the toy shop encountering wayward zombies and stranded elves, they learn that saving the day is not as easy as it sounds. And it’s certainly not like any video game they’ve ever played. And why is that zombie eating a doll’s head?

Optional multimedia elements turn this play into a live-action video game. The script also includes suggestions for multilingual performers and gender-neutral casting. Santa's Zombie Apocalypse is ideal for middle school and high school performers.

Kai has been captivated by The Snow Queen. She is frozen in her heart and mind. Gerda will stop at nothing to find her sister.

This is a magical theatrical adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen’s tale of a sister’s love, an ice cold heart, and a fantastical journey. It’s the original Snow Queen story brought to life.

The Snow Queen is easy to stage with lots of casting options and opportunities.

Christmas in July: Two Holiday One-Act Plays is a fun holiday play for all ages! In Christmas in July, a new year has begun. Last Year has handed off the calendar to the New Year and is ready to hit the beach. The New Year is nervous but ready for the challenge. But something goes terribly wrong.

In What do you do when the Elves have the flu?, Do you know what to do when the Elves have the flu? I haven't a clue, I wish I knew! And this is no ordinary flu. It's Elven flu. The Elves can't eat, they can't sleep and they certainly can't work. And with Christmas around the corner, how will the toys get made? How will this sickie scrape get solved?

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