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Improv Game: Combining Skills

Improv Game: Combining Skills
Written by Kerry Hishon

This fun improv game challenges students to work together and think quickly on their feet to create a scene that solves a problem, using skills possessed by characters with different occupations. This game can be played live, in person, or online via distance learning.

1. Have students form groups of three.

2. Give each student in the group a different occupation, preferably in different fields. For example, a lifeguard, a chef, and an engineer. You can use our resource, Tons of Occupation Prompts, for occupation ideas.

3. Give each group a problem to solve as a group. Perhaps they’re on a sinking boat, or they’re trying to change a diaper, or a bear is chasing them. If necessary, brainstorm some scenarios with your students beforehand, or get suggestions from the class.

4. Students will need to use the unique skills of their character’s occupation to solve the problem. For example, if the scenario is that a bear is chasing the group, the lifeguard could use their whistle to distract the bear, the engineer could design and build a trap, and the chef could cook some food to lure the bear into the trap. Students can create a silly or serious scene while improvising, but they can’t just say something like, “I’m a doctor and I’m running away!” If students aren’t sure what their occupation’s skills are, make them up!

5. The scene is complete when all three students have contributed to solving the problem and figured out a way to exit the scene as a group.

6. At the end of class, each student will complete an individual exit slip.

Click here for a free exit slip.

Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage combatant from London, Ontario, Canada. She blogs at

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Kerry Hishon

Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage combatant from London, Ontario, Canada. View her blog at