Playwriting Exercise: Passwords

Playwriting Exercise: Passwords
Written by Lindsay Price

I read an article about the 25 most used passwords. I looked at the title and had one of those mac truck moments – there’s something there. Something. What? A play? Who knows. Most definitely an idea. Most definitely a scene. Here’s are the 25 things that came to mind when I looked at those 15 most used passwords. I pass them on to you – write a scene, write a monologue, just write.

  1. Write a scene the title of which is QWERTY.
  2. Write a monologue in which a character deals with being named QWERTY.
  3. Write a monologue in which a character talks on the phone to tech support. He’s trying to get help getting into his computer but has forgotten his password. He’s convinced it’s something out of the ordinary, because he is out of the ordinary. Turns out it’s very ordinary.
  4. Write a scene in which a character is berated for not using a common password.
  5. Write a scene in which a hacker berates a character for using an overly common password.
  6. Write a monologue in which a character explains why the computer password is the most important password of all. It reveals everything about a person. This character’s password? Monkey.
  7. Write a scene between a couple who have just started dating. Her password? Michael. His? Trustno1. What happens when they find out the others password?
  8. Write a scene between two best friends, the girl has been snooping and found out her boyfriends password: Trustno1. How does she react? Especially since she was snooping?
  9. Write a scene that only exists of passwords.
  10. Write a monologue in which a man wants to change his password to reflect a big change in his life.
  11. A new addition to the most popular list is shadow. What type of character would use the word shadow as a password.
  12. Write a monologue in which a very sour character has a very uplifting password: Sunshine. Why did he choose this password?
  13. The scenario is a workplace. Two disgruntled cubicle workers have come across a master list of passwords for the entire company. What do they do with it?
  14. A girl wants to break up with a boy because she doesn’t like his password.
  15. Write a scene between a character and their talking computer. The computer has changed the character’s password… for their own good.

Happy writing!


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