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Resource: Tons of Food-Related Prompts

food prompts
Written by Kerry Hishon

Here at Theatrefolk, we love a good prompt collection! We’ve got outdoor prompts, job/occupation prompts, location prompts, and this collection is all about food! Don’t worry — all of these prompts are school-appropriate, and diet culture-free. 

Use the following fifty prompts for improv scenes or playwriting exercises, and you’ll find fifty more prompts in the giveaway at the bottom of this page. Have fun!

  1. Making/eating breakfast
  2. Making/eating breakfast in bed
  3. Making/eating lunch
  4. Making/eating dinner
  5. Feeding a newborn
  6. Feeding a toddler
  7. Eating with a fork and knife
  8. Eating with chopsticks
  9. Eating with your hands
  10. Baking a pie
  11. Participating in a pie-eating contest
  12. Cooking on a barbecue
  13. Cooking over a fire
  14. Trying to cook without a recipe
  15. Eating something spicy
  16. Eating something extremely sour
  17. Eating something that hurts your teeth
  18. Ate too much and feeling stuffed
  19. Waiting impatiently for a meal at a restaurant
  20. Twirling spaghetti noodle
  21. Tossing a pizza
  22. Decorating cupcakes
  23. Serving a formal tea
  24. Overfilling a plate at a buffet
  25. Having a picnic
  26. Having a food fight
  27. Eating while doing something else and spilling on yourself
  28. Trying to eat something that is precariously balanced on your lap
  29. Snacking while watching a movie
  30. Getting an ice cream headache
  31. Participating in a toddler cake smash photoshoot
  32. Running a lemonade stand
  33. Running a bake sale
  34. Chewing gum and blowing bubbles
  35. Nervously chopping vegetables with an extremely sharp knife
  36. Appearing on a cooking competition show
  37. Going grocery shopping
  38. Going grocery shopping without your list and trying to remember what you need
  39. Eating a meal and noticing something gross in it (like a hair)
  40. Crying while chopping onions
  41. Working as a singing waiter in a restaurant
  42. Trying to get a food stain (ketchup, chocolate, etc.) out of a favourite piece of clothing
  43. Giving someone a box of chocolates or candy for Valentine’s Day
  44. Eating something while blindfolded and guessing what it is
  45. Having an allergic reaction to a food you ate
  46. Ordering a meal using an app
  47. Making a holiday meal with someone you’re in an argument with
  48. At a restaurant, discovering everything on the menu is extremely expensive
  49. Eating ice cream while crying over a breakup
  50. Eating popcorn at the movies

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Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage combatant from London, Ontario, Canada. She blogs at www.kerryhishon.com.

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About the author

Kerry Hishon

Kerry Hishon is a director, actor, writer and stage combatant from London, Ontario, Canada. View her blog at www.kerryhishon.com.