Taming the Tricky Tightrope: School Daze

School Daze
Written by Lindsay Price

Middle school can be tricky. School Daze by Lindsay Price explores the tricky tightrope between being a kid and a teenager on the first day of middle school.

You remember middle school. That first day can be a funhouse or a hall of horrors. Will I fit in or be left behind? Did I wear the right clothes? How will I find the right class? Why do those eighth graders look so big…

Middle school is the tricky tightrope between being a kid and being a teenager. How did you fare? Did you fall off the tightrope? Did you hold on?

See the characters in School Daze try to keep their balance on the first day of middle school.

Thanks so much to Robin Caporuscio and the amazing student performers at Armada Middle School in Armada, MI for sharing their photos and experience with their production of School Daze:

This was a cast of all 7th and 8th graders and the show was their final exam for acting class and it was presented in an evening performance for the public.

*Photo credit: Brett Hardy, Ultimate Memories Photography

Amazing work, Armada Middle School!

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