Theatrefolk Featured Play – 6 ft Scenes by Lindsay Price

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight.  Are you looking for scene work that works within a socially distanced environment? Lindsay Price’s collection of scenes, 6 ft Scenes, fits the bill!

A collection of 15 scenes in which no two characters get within 6 ft of each other. Use them to explore the physical and emotional distance between people – what causes us to stay apart? Great for class work and competition.

Why did we publish this play?
How do we do scene work in a social distance situation? The idea with this scene book was to collect and write scenes that are specific to that exact scenario: characters who cannot, for some reason, ever get within 6 ft of each other. For some scenes the reason is physical, for others it’s a vast emotional difference.

Let’s hear from the author!

1. Why did you write these scenes?
Some of the scenes are collected from existing plays (all of these plays can be found at and then five of the scenes were written specifically for the scene book. In all cases, characters remain 6 ft apart so that hopefully, they can be used for scene work in a socially distanced classroom.

2. What are the most important visuals for you in these scenes?
The distance. It’s a great visual. Focus on why these characters are apart, what keeps them apart, and how the distance affects the staging. How can you create a connection between characters when they can’t physically connect?

3. If you could give one piece of advice for those performing these scenes, what would it be?
Have pairs direct each other. Because they are never close, each actor can step out of the scene, observe their partner and make suggestions. Focus on character physicality: how does each stand, move, and gesture in their own space? How do they look at or look away from the other character? How does distance show which character is higher status than the other? There are a lot of choices to play with.

4. Why are these scenes great for student performers?
They are all collected and written for student performers in mind. Hopefully they’ll think so too!

5. Why are these scenes great for online study/performances? 
While these scenes are collected and written for a social distanced situation – they would also work in a virtual environment, like Zoom. In that case, all your blocking is going to be in the upper body; so how do the characters sit, use their shoulders, and facial expressions?

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