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Theatrefolk Featured Play – Fidget by Bradley Hayward

Written by Lindsay Price

Welcome to our Featured Play Spotlight. Why do kids find it so hard to stop moving? Check out the issue-based comedy, Fidget by Bradley Hayward to find out.

Kids are constantly being told to hold still. But that’s impossible when all they want to do is move forward at warp speed.

From disputes with friends and troubles at home, to negative self-image and unfortunate sugar highs, this vignette play explores the need to fidget in a world that gets more stressful every day. Jam-packed with rich characters and unique theatricality, this entirely gender flexible play is sure to entertain audiences of all ages.

Why did we publish this play?
We are always looking for middle school specific material that focuses on middle school aged characters in the present dealing with middle school issues. Fidget is a perfect example of such a play.

Not only is it ideal for a middle school audience, it’s ideal for middle school performers. The actors and the audience will fully be able to relate and connect to this play. And with the vignette framework, you can work on the show in a class period with simple staging and costumes. It’s a win-win.

Let’s hear from the author!

1. Why did you write this play?
I wanted to write a play for middle school performers because I am constantly inspired by how fearless young actors are about expressing themselves. The energy, the intelligence, and the heart they project in real life translates extremely well to the stage and so it was my goal to provide them with smart material that speaks to the fast-paced world they are living in today.

2. Describe the theme in one or two sentences.
Fidget is about how the need to move is what drives us forward, and the ability to hold still is what allows us to appreciate how far we’ve come.

3. What’s the most important visual for you in this play?
I get goose bumps when Devin literally sees the many colours of his personality stretch across the entire stage. It’s a visual representation of the moment when we step into the light and realize who we truly are inside.

4. If you could give one piece of advice for those producing the play, what would it be?
The actors should be in near-constant motion. Think of the many different ways people move, from large actions to barely detectible ticks, and show them all to the audience. This will give extra importance to the moments when the characters do hold still, so select these moments wisely.

5. Why is this play great for student performers?
Regardless if the actors have an abundance of acting experience or have never been on a stage before, there is something for everyone to do. There are so many opportunities for unusual movement, so even if someone is too shy to speak, they can still take part in telling the story. The gender neutral characters and flexible cast size allow the play to be produced by almost any group. It is also a great selection for student directors, as the script is split into smaller scenes for easy rehearsal.

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