Making Grammar a Laughing Matter: Apostrophe’s

Written by Lindsay Price

Drama teachers: When your class thinks of grammar, do the words silly, outrageous, one-act comedy come to their minds? If not, then you can definitely make it fun by checking out Apostrophe’s by Bradley Hayward. Flexible casting, audience participation and whole lot of silliness – what more could you ask for? Just ask Julie Patrick and the incredibly talented performers at Johnston City High School in Johnston City, Illinois.

Apostrophe’s by Bradley Hayward was a fun little show for my students to rehearse and perform. It has some characters with just a few lines- and a few with many lines, so it offered a nice challenge while also giving me a chance to cast some newbies or kids who couldn’t commit a lot to memory but wanted to be involved. The humor sprinkled throughout got some great laughs from the audience. The emcee for our show handled the audience interaction like a champ. We had refreshments after the show- plenty of coffee as mentioned in the script!

Julie Patrick

Way to go, Johnston City High!

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