Striking Simplicity: Virtual Family

Virtual Family
Written by Lindsay Price

Virtual Family by Christian Kiley is a look at a soothing world where complete dependency on technology takes away all ills. But is everything really perfect? Plus, three endings to choose from!

Who needs to go outside when you’ve got a screen to show you what outside should look like? Who needs to do chores when laundry can be folded at the push of a button? And who needs a real family, anyway? Isn’t it better to talk through text messages and receive preprogrammed communications from your parents? Sure it is.

Live safe and sound in the Virtual Family, a soothing world where complete dependence on technology is the name of the game. When technology takes away all your ills, conflicts, and concerns, you become a happier human being. Right?

Kelly McCabe from Barrington Enrichment Summer Theatre had an amazing time with their intern-directed production of Virtual Family. The gifted student performers from the theatre group in Barrington, RI were able to bring a true theatrical experience to their entire group:

One of our interns directed this piece as his senior project. The group as a whole, campers, staff, audience, and even the director of the library whose space we used were all very impressed with the piece. The simplicity of the presentation allowed for a very striking piece. The 3 possible endings was exciting, and allowed for interesting discussion when deciding what we wanted the final tone to ultimately be.

Amazing job, Barrington Enrichment Summer Theatre!

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