Beyond the Basics: Rehearsal Strategies to Grow Your Actors

Created by Julie Hartley

The focus of the teacher-director should be not only on the quality of the show, but on the value of the experience offered to student actors. This course takes you on this journey through practical rehearsal strategies that apply an ensemble approach.

This course starts with those all important first rehearsals, explores warm ups, and looks at character development. We examine specific types of plays, like classical texts and comedy, and conclude with strategies to solve common rehearsal problems.

Go beyond the basics!

Module 0: Introduction 10:34 FREE PREVIEW
An overview of the course, including an outline of each module.
Module 1A: First Rehearsals 11:56 FREE PREVIEW
This module explores the special demands of the first few rehearsals.
Module 1B: First Rehearsals 7:26
This module expands on further ways a cast can explore the themes of the play in the first few rehearsals.
Module 2A: Physical Warm-Ups 8:39
This module looks at warm-up and focus activities for your cast, starting with physical warm-ups.
Module 2B: Vocal Warm-Ups 12:03
This module provides resources on vocal warm-ups for your cast that feed directly into the needs of the scene you're about to rehearse.
Module 3: Rehearsal Techniques 20:03
This module looks at ways to maximize the educational value of the rehearsal process, and explores a collaborative approach.
Module 4A: Character Development 11:47
This module looks at how to empower students by providing them with the necessary skills to develop a character.
Module 4B: Improvisation 8:58
This module explores the role of improv in character development; investing all cast members in the building of characters.
Module 5A: Classical Texts 8:53
This module looks at how to use classical texts and explores practical ways to make them accessible to students.
Module 5B: Classical Texts 14:17
This module deals directing with the question of language in classical texts, and activities to overcome challenges in rehearsal.
Module 6A: Comedy 11:10
This module covers comedies and how to mount a production.
Module 6B: Comedy 14:40
This module continues the exploration of comedy and working with a cast to examine the comedy in your script.
Module 7A: Practical Solutions 10:26
This module covers challenges and problems that often arise during the rehearsal process.
Module 7B: Practical Solutions 13:53
This module covers how to face challenges in rehearsal, and how to invest an entire cast in collective problem solving.
Module 8A: Final Stages of Rehearsal 11:42
This module focuses on the critical final stages of rehearsal from tech, dress, to opening night.
Module 8B: The Director's Role 7:07
This module focuses on the director's role in the final stages of rehearsal, and includes a wealth of practical activities involving the entire cast.

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