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Mission Possible: Creating A Mission And Unified Vision For Your Theatre Program

Created by Amy Patel

Whether you're in a new school or have an existing program, you can use a Mission Statement to define your program, unify your students and let everyone know from administration, to parents, to the community why you do theatre, what you do and how you do it. Learn how to create this powerful and vital statement with your students. Mission Possible takes you through step by step from asking the right questions, to looking at your school culture and traditions, to writing and revising, to shouting your statement from the rooftops.

7 Modules
56 minutes
2 Credit Hours

Course Outline

Lesson 1: The Importance of a Mission 9:06 FREE PREVIEW
Identifying what a mission statement does and how it helps your program.
Lesson 2: The Golden Circle 5:51 FREE PREVIEW
Learn how to use a visual aid of a golden circle to answer the questions: why you do what you do, what you do, and how you do it.
Lesson 3: The Essential Questions 7:19
Getting to the questions that help define your unique program.
Lesson 4: School Culture and Program Traditions 9:49
Focus on your particular school and the traditions of your school or the traditions of your program.
Lesson 5: Writing Your Mission Statement 6:31
Taking all of the information you’ve gathered you’ll create, discuss, revise, and ultimately create your mission statement.
Lesson 6: Shouting from the Rooftops 8:16
Share your mission statement with others as a way to both check that it makes sense and to share it with your community. This module includes ideas on how to share you mission statement as well.
Lesson 7: Conclusion 9:08
This module will recap all that you’ve learned and remind you to check back in on your mission statement. It also explains how a mission statement will help to support your program and help you to make important decisions.

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Standards Addressed

Georgia Performance Standards - Theatre Arts

North Carolina Essential Standards

Tennessee Theatre Curriculum Standards

Tennessee Theatre standards (2018) standards were built using the framework of the NCAS which is built on four key domains: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Connecting, and Responding. Within each of these domains are foundations and standards to support the development of curriculum, programs, and learning.
(source: Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts, Summer 2018)

Please refer to National Core Arts Standards to determine the standard that best suits your needs.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

HS 117.317 LIII - Critical evaluation and response

C.5.B - recognize theatre as an art form and evaluate self as a creative being.

Alberta, Canada

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 6 - ARTS - Reasoning and reflecting

Examine relationships between the arts and the wider world

GRADE 11 - DRAMA - Explore and Create

Create dramatic works for an intended audience

GRADE 12 - DRAMA - Explore and Create

Develop dramatic works for an intended audience

Ontario, Canada

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