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Created by Anna Porter

In this unit, students will explore and collaboratively take on the role of costume designers. Students will explore the elements of design, director’s concept, and the considerations for costume design. They will then apply this knowledge in a culminating project.

This unit has been designed to integrate technology into the curriculum. Students will utilize technology throughout via HyperDocs, internet research, and Google tools such as Google Drive, Google Forms, Google Slides, and Google Docs. A digital Learning Tools Introduction resource is provided for additional help in using the different tools and applications.

Overview & Teacher Guide
The overview lays out all of the lessons and road map for the unit. Be sure to download the digital learning tools introduction (button below) before you start. This guide outlines how to share the hyperdoc format of this unit with your students, with clear step by step directions. It is imperative that you download and read this guide before accessing any of the materials for the unit.
Additional Attachments
1: Introduction
Students will be introduced to and demonstrate their understanding of the elements of design by collaboratively completing a class HyperDoc and going on an Emotion Scavenger Hunt to create a digital collage.
2: Considerations for Costume Design/Director's Concept
Students will explore the considerations for costume design and what can be communicated through clothing. Students will create a “rocker” costume for a character as a means of introducing students to director’s concept and how it can shape a design.
3: Director's Concept Review
Students will review director’s concept and be introduced to the steps of design. Students will create a director’s concept for the costume design and costume team portfolio project and select an artifact to help support their idea.
4: Director's Concept/Character Analysis
Students will present and refine their director’s concept by presenting it to another costume team in class in the form of an “elevator pitch.” Students will explore characterization and what they need to consider when designing a costume for a production.
5: Research/Digital Citizenship
Students will review the role and process of research in design as well as how to do that in a digitally responsible way by looking at the difference between research for inspiration and perspiration.
6: How to Draw a Figure/Work Time
Students will be given resources to help them draw their costume designs in proportionally appropriate ways. Students will also understand how to utilize the work they have done up to this point with the physical creation of their costume designs.
7: Costume Team Meeting/Work Time
Students will explore effective collaboration, complete their costume designs, and participate in a costume team meeting in preparation for their final portfolio.
8: Google Site: Elements of Costume Design and Team Portfolio
Students will work collaboratively to create a Google Site final portfolio to showcase the work they have done as a costume team. Students will also begin to prepare their costume team pitch presentation.
9: Costume Team Pitch Preparation - Review
Students will create and refine their costume team pitch and portfolio by preparing a presentation and receiving peer feedback.
10: Pitch Presentations
Students will demonstrate their understanding of design and collaborating on a costume team by presenting their costume design and costume team pitch presentations. Students will participating in survey activities to reflect on the design and collaborative process.

Standards Addressed

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