Playwriting Kickstart: Multi platform

Created by Lindsay Price

This unit focuses on the idea stage of playwriting. Before you start a playwriting project, take students through these lessons to provide students a step-by-step process for idea generation. When students are told they’re going to write a play, they often freeze. I can’t do it. I’m not creative; my ideas are stupid. The purpose of this unit is to give students a place to start and a way to move from finding a topic to creating an idea to writing theatrically on ideas.

This unit is designed to reach as many classroom environments as possible and includes: standard in-class lessons, instruction videos, instruction handouts, and quizzes.

The overview lays out the unit structure, including instruction method, time management, outline, and assessment plan.
Additional Attachments
1: What is an Idea? Where do I Look?
Lesson 1 introduces the unit and the importance of warm-up exercises. Students will learn a new definition for what an idea is and apply that definition to the first topic area.
2: The Idea Process
In Lesson 2, students learn and apply two topic areas to generate ideas
3: What Makes an Idea Theatrical?
In Lesson 3, students continue practicing the process for generating ideas, formalize and apply the definition of theatricality.
4: Writing a Scene
In Lesson 4, students practice the process and apply it to a longer scene.

Standards Addressed

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