Prom Night

Recommended for High Schools

Prom Night

by Sylvia Davenport-Veith

An unlikely romance between the outcast and the linebacker brings prom night magic.

 About 35 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

1 M | 2 W

Simple Set

 20 pages

Character Study Romantic Comedy

Won second place in the Beverly Hills Theatre Guild Play Competition for Youth Theatre.

Prom night has not been fun for Imena Hart. She fought off her date, tore her dress, broke her high heel, left her glasses at home and her mother won't stop calling.

Dillon McGinty's not having a ball, either. His date wasn't named Prom Queen, so she got drunk and accused Dillon of not being fun anymore.

This unlikely pair meet in the woods on a moonlit night in their fancy clothes. They tell the truth, share secret wishes and find out what's behind the "uncool" Catholic girl and the linebacker Prom King.

Together, Dillon and Imena create their own prom night magic.

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