The Art of Rejection: Two One Act Plays

Recommended for High Schools

The Art of Rejection: Two One Act Plays

by Christian Kiley

R is the only letter in a sea of numbers. Potential sits in a chair. These two one acts - Art of Rejection and Chaired can be performed separately or together.

1 M | 1 W | 27 Any Gender

Simple Set

 39 pages

Comedy Black Comedy Character Study Experimental Form Issue-Based
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Can be performed together as an amazing competition piece or as individual plays.

This Book is a Collection of 2 Plays

The Art of Rejection
R is the only letter in a sea of numbers. Always picked last for kickball, never part of the 'in' crowd, never gets the girl. What is a letter to do to get through life? An avant-garde look at the price of popularity.

1 M 1 W 14 Any Gender. Approx. 20 minutes long. Rights: $25.00, Script Distribution License: $69.95

Potential sits centre stage in a chair. At times Potential is forced to remain seated by family, teachers and friends. At other times Potential will do anything not to stand. It's better to stay in place, not move, not reach out. Sometimes the hardest thing to do is just stand up…

13 Any Gender. Approx. 20 minutes long. Rights: $25.00, Script Distribution License: $53.95

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