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The Plucky Pie Murder

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

The Plucky Pie Murder

by Dara Murphy

The star quarterback has been charged with murdering the mascot and a farce of a trial ensues. The audience plays the jury in this black comedy.

 About 45 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

8 M | 4 W

Simple Set

 30 pages

Black Comedy Mystery

Average Producer Rating:

Reviews from Past Producers

"If I don't see a point to this I'll be very angry. And you don't want to see an angry judge who is craving pie!"

The star quarterback of Riverview High School has been charged with murder most fowl! Rooster, to be precise.

Plucky the mascot has been done in and all fingers point to the football player - even his own.

A farce of a trial ensues featuring an inept judge, an unprepared defence lawyer, and an Egg-Girl.

The audience plays the jury in this hilarious black comedy. Two possible endings!

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12 Characters
8 M, 4 W

Characters in this play are currently identified as male or female. Directors are welcome to assign any gender (binary or non-binary) to any character and modify pronouns accordingly.

Chuck [M] 64 lines
The star quarterback of the Riverview Roosters. He’s being charged with murder.
Coach Wells [M] 39 lines
The football team’s coach. He’s tough, loud and dressed in a training suit. A whistle is tied around his neck.
Billy and Daren [M] 26, 28 lines
Chuck’s supportive football buddies. They’re dressed in football jerseys.
The Waterboy [M] 1 line
He carries a water bottle and is constantly squirting it into people’s mouths.
Mr. Teedle [M] 87 lines
Chuck’s defendant. He’s a weedy, fragile man with a low selfesteem.
Ms. Duncan [W] 67 lines
The cunning prosecutor. She is confident she will win this case.
Judge Green [M] 79 lines
A tough old judge who’s on the verge of retiring.
Assistant [W] 13 lines
She tries to aid Judge Green, but she’s rather forgetful.
Egg-girl [W] 13 lines
The dead mascot’s best friend. She is dressed like a giant egg.
Terry Winds [W] 13 lines
A forensic specialist.
Peach * [M] 13 lines
Bob Punt dressed up like a giant peach. A very bitter man. (*Should be played by same actor as Dr. Gregory)
Dr. Gregory * [M] 4 lines
Chuck’s doctor. He has a very high opinion of himself. (*Should be played by the same actor as Peach)

Prop List

Water bottle, Professional briefcase, File folder, Whistle, Foamy foot from Egg Costume, Gavel, Necklace, Knife, Chair, Baggie containing bloody glove, Cart with mascot covered in black sheet, Suit with three bloody holes, Glasses, Football horn, Glass, Pitcher, Hankie, Glass cup

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