The Bullied, the Bully, and the Bystander: Funhouse

Written by Lindsay Price

Funhouse by Lindsay Price looks at the bullied, the bully, and the bystander through mostly non-verbal vignettes. Life for the bullied is like a funhouse, but the funhouse is anything but fun.

How can you stand your ground when you’re on a falling floor? How can you move forward when you’re caught like a mouse in a maze? How can you win Whac-A-Mole when you’re the mole? How can you like yourself while standing in a distorted hall of mirrors?

There are no cotton candy answers here.

Directer Shannon McDowell shared an update on the student group at Pearl Junior High School in Pearl, MS and how the experiencing of performing Funhouse was truly a moving experience that impacted everyone involved:

Thank you for such a powerful script. While the cast received an Excellent rating – and their director was chosen as Best Director – I was prouder of the reaction we received from the audience. Students, teachers, parents, community members and administrators were all affected by the performance. I have started reading scripts for next year, and I am sure I will find something just as fantastic. Of course, Theatrefolk is my go to.

*Photo credit: Sydnee Tapley

Great job, Pearl Jr. High School!

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