Creativity, Chorus Work… and Cancer: Chemo Girl

Chemo Girl
Written by Lindsay Price

Chemo Girl by Christian Kiley is part of a collection of plays that examine the impact of cancer as seen through the eyes of teenagers.

Camille is given a video game system from her mom as a form of recovery therapy for cancer. She prefers reading books. Video game worlds lack realism and she believes they will not help her fight against cancer. However, Camille is pulled into the video game world that mirrors her fight. She meets the Gamemaster and takes on the screen name Chemo Girl.

The drama group at Carine SHS in Carine, Western Australia mastered the theatricality and creative invention that is such a huge part of Chemo Girl and successfully worked as a team to deal with some new skills and some very serious issues:

It was a challenge for my students, as some of them had not performed in front of an audience before, and chorus work was a new concept for them. However, it was a great learning experience and it was really nice seeing them pull it together as a team.

Great work, Carine SHS!

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