A Magical Journey into Wonderland: Alice

Prepare for a magical trip to Wonderland with the classical adaptation, Alice by Lindsay Price.

Alice follows the white rabbit down the rabbit hole into Wonderland, where she meets a cornucopia of strange creatures.

A caterpillar gives advice, the Mad Hatter and March Hare are always at tea time, and the Queen of Hearts continually cries, “Off with her head!”

The Cheshire Cat says everyone in Wonderland is mad, and therefore Alice must be too. Has Alice lost her head? Only the Cheshire Cat knows for sure.

Director  Amber King was eager to share how the student performers at Woonona High School in Woonona, New South Wales, Australia were able to transport themselves and their the audience to their magical adventures into Wonderland for an incredibly fun experience for them all.

Thank you again for allowing Woonona High School to perform your script. The kids loved it. Its such a classic and your script made it all the easier to perform. The large cast opportunities, larger-than-life character and shorter performance time meant it was achievable and a realistic performance for a one-drama-teacher department.

Great job, Woonona High School!

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