Ancient Greek Tale With a Modern Twist: Pandora’s Fire

Pandora's Fire Nichols Middle School
Written by Lindsay Price

You may know the classic story of Pandora and her curiousity, but do you know the whole story? Drama teacher Kate Olena and the talented group of student performers at Nichols Middle School in Buffalo, New York took on Theatrefolk’s classical adaptation, Pandora’s Fire, by Judith White that left their audience not only entertained but asking some big questions. Kate’s admin sent out the following email after seeing the production.

….The story asks us to consider design and purpose. How did we get here? Why are things as they are? Who is responsible? We are also asked to consider the role of scapegoats and whether or not they deserve the distinction. Finally, we must also consider our own complicity. As always, things are rarely clear, but perhaps one of the many benefits of the arts is that they help us to understand ourselves and the times in which we live.

We are still wrestling with these questions, maybe especially so during this election season, and I can think of no one better to guide our students than all of you who are wise enough to take the long view and confident enough to consider multiple perspectives.

Thank you Kate for inviting these important questions, and thank you all for dazzling the world with your light.

Burn, burn Pandora’s bright fire…

Great job, Nichols Middle School!

Pandora's Fire Nichols Middle School

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*Photo credit: Tom Maynor

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