Theatrefolk’s Top 10: Teen Life

Time for a Tfolk Top Ten Plays About…

Teen Life! These are not your typical teen-angst-woe-is-me stuff. Three dimensional characters. Relevant stories. Each one offers a unique theatrical take. Read one, read them all!

Click the link and you’ll be taken to the webpage for each play. There you’ll get the details and read sample pages.

All the best with your search!

Sixteen In Ten Minutes Or Less
The lives of seven teenagers become intertwined in this humorous and oftentimes bittersweet collection of ten minute plays.

Puzzle Pieces
This play explores teen issues through a series of monologues. The characters speak frankly about their fears, their futures, and how to embrace the day to day.

Stereotype High
High school is full of stereotypes – or is it? Told in a series of interlaced vignettes, these “stereotypical” teens fight tooth and nail to reinvent themselves.

A Deep Poetic Journey Into Something
Jane wants to break out of her box. The problem is she has no idea where to start. Will Jane choose to hide inside or change her life?

Stress is driving this quartet crazy – so much so they can’t stop talking about it. This play is a symphony of sound and character.

Alex is a refugee. Tera is faced with an unpopular decision. Penny is getting up at five every morning and Kyle can’t live up to expectations. Candid and uncompromising, with no easy answers.

A Box of Puppies
We can all relate to feeling small in a big world. These characters share their insecurities, their frailties and their coping mechanisms.

Just Girls Talking
What starts as a meeting to finalize graduation ceremony details ends with one young woman faced with a life-changing decision. A head-on collision of values that leaves the viewer asking: What would I do?

Teenagers navigate the winding road of divorce in this honest and theatrical look at the day to day reality of growing up in a family that’s been torn apart.

Neet Teen
Teen life – backwards, forwards and inside-out. In every form from kitchen sink, to absurd, to movement, to audience participation, to song, to adding your own scene.

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