Serious Play: Theatre Games and Warmups for Rehearsal and Ensemble Building

Created by Todd Espeland

In this class, Serious Play, the instructor will lead you through a series of games in risk, movement, focus, and voice. You will get access to a series of all inclusive games that you can string together to make one giant game that is great to use in rehearsal. You will learn how and when to use these games.

You'll get ideas on how to craft your own warm-up lesson plan; and, most importantly, you'll learn about about a pre-class warm-up that you can do on your own so that you can get yourself into that third stage of the creative brain, so that you can begin trying out interesting, creative, and risky choices for yourself in your classes and in rehearsals.

Lesson 1: Warmups 6:14 FREE PREVIEW
Introduction to the course and an overview of the types of games you’ll learn, how you can use them, and the effect they have on those who play them.
Lesson 2: Risk Games 13:49 FREE PREVIEW
In this lesson, you’ll learn risk games. Risk games encourage students to take risks, move out of their comfort zone, and learn something new. Risk games – they’re a great way to train your students to do and not think.
Lesson 3: Movement Games 13:26
Learn three valuable movement games that help your actors to get comfortable moving their bodies and communicating using their bodies.
Lesson 4: Focus Games 13:06
During lesson four, you’ll learn important focus games that not only help to build ensemble, but also help your students to focus on themselves and others.
Lesson 5: Voice Games 13:39
Through vocal games, your students will be encouraged to “play in their voice” and makes sounds in a free and impulsive way.
Lesson 6: All-Inclusive Games 17:33
In lesson six you’ll learned games that will be linked together and will mimic the rehearsal and performance process.
Lesson 7: When to use Games 16:16
Lesson seven reviews the categories of games you learned and guides you through how to use them for specific rehearsals. You’ll even learn tips on how to use games you already know throughout the rehearsal process.
Lesson 8: Wrap-Up 2:50
In this final module, you’ll review what you’ve learned and how you can use and add on to what you’ve learned throughout the rehearsal and performance process.

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