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Elizabethan Theatre

Created by Karen Loftus

How do you introduce students to Shakespeare? This unit introduces the Bard through life in Elizabethan England and the playwrights, players, and playhouses. It also explores how to approach unfamiliar words and context clues in Shakespeare’s texts.

Unit Overview
The overview lays out the structure of the unit, including objectives, materials list, lesson structure and assessment and time management tools.
Additional Attachments
1: Playwrights & Players
This session introduces students to the Elizabethan Era, and its’ key playwrights and players.
2: Strange Language
Students learn how to use context clues to approach the unfamiliar words they will find in Shakepeare’s language.
3: Context Clues
Students review context clues and apply it to the Prologue from Romeo and Juliet.
4: Playhouses
Students are introduced to three of the most important playhouses in the Elizabethan Era, as well as the areas of the Globe Theatre.
5: Crime Scene Clues
Students apply their knowledge of context clues to find meaning in the Tomb Scene from Romeo and Juliet.
6: Expanding the Unit
You can add an additional three or four lessons to this unit by adding another performance opportunity.

Standards Addressed

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