Part of the Stagecraft Without a Theatre Curriculum


Created by Karen Loftus and Kerry Hishon

Students will identify categories of props and which people create or obtain props. They’ll analyze a script for needed props, use critical-thinking skills to problem solve prop issues, and create a prop.

The overview lays out the objective of the unit, the timeline and list of lessons, and assessment plan.
1: Properties and Prop Design
Students demonstrate comprehension of what a property is, the various categories of props, and how props are created.
2: How to Create a Master Props List
To put students in a theatre production role and introduce one of the tasks of a prop master: a master props list.
3: Props Challenges and How to Overcome Them
To apply problem-solving skills with respect to props challenges.
4: Research Project: Props
To continue exploring elements of the role of prop master.

Standards Addressed

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