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Unit 1: Before and Beyond Ancient Greek Theatre

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In the study of theatre history, when we discuss the origins of theatre, most start with the Ancient Greeks. Unit 1 of this curriculum will look at the theatre of Ancient Egypt, Sanskrit drama, and Indigenous storytelling.

The overview lays out the 3 part structure of this unit, provides essential questions, time management tips, and reference to SEL, Distance Learning, and assessment strategies.
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1: Part 1: Ancient Egypt
There isn’t a lot of information about the theatre of Ancient Egypt, but there’s certainly enough to know they performed stories. We will look at the theatre of Ancient Egypt, discuss if the elements did in fact represent theatre as we know it, and, using learned elements, perform an Ancient Egypt myth.
2: Part 2: Sanskrit Drama
We will look at Sanskrit drama over two class periods, starting with a background introduction and then exploring elements of the sanskrit drama how-to manual, the Nāṭya Śāstra, and applying knowledge through scene work.
3: Part 3: Indigenous Storytelling
This Indigenous Storytelling unit is brought to you in a different format than a traditional lesson plan. It uses a learning circle format. It was developed by Allison Green, a member of the Algonquin Band of Mattawa, Ontario.

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