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Power Play
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Power Play

by Lindsay Price

The realities and the stereotypes of school violence. Not just the school shooting, but harassment and bullying. Violence is about power. So is high school.

Average Producer Rating:

 About 55 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

2 M | 3 W

Simple Set

 38 pages

Reviews from Past Producers

A dramatic play sure to evoke discussion and dialogue.

A gunshot is heard. Which of the five characters did it and why?

Was it the Goth girl? The football star? The super-intelligent geek?

High school violence is a hot media topic, but it is too often simplistically portrayed by putting teens into tidy categories and pointing at the outsider.

Power Play explores the realities and the stereotypes of high school violence - not just the brutal shock of the school shooting, but also verbal harassment and bullying. Violence is about power. So is high school.

NOTE: This play requires the onstage appearance of a gun.

Awards and Accolades

  • Prince Rupert SS Won the Northwest Zone of their Drama Festival
  • Mills Godwin HS at the Virginia High School League State Theatre Festival
  • John Fraser SS; outstanding district production Sears Drama Festival
  • Belle Fourche High School; Superior Production, Outstanding Ensemble at the 2008 South Dakota State One Act Festival
  • Outstanding Production, Adam Scott CVI, Sears Drama Festival


2 Men, 3 Women

Bitter [W]
141 lines
A goth girl. Very observant with a sarcastic wit. Three Monologues.
Belly [M]
190 lines
An overweight guy who uses humour as a survival tactic. One Monologue.
Brawn [M]
122 lines
The star football player. King of the castle and knows it. Two Monologues.
Beauty [W]
114 lines
The self-professed “most popular girl” at the school. One Monologue.
Beaker [W]
114 lines
A small Asian girl (Korean). Extremely intelligent, extremely withdrawn. Two Monologues. See appendix for alternate casting suggestion.

Prop List

Five oversized books, Small table, Pile of socks, Sports Illustrated, Chair, Gun

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Customer Comments

Our plan is to produce the whole show (Shout!) in the fall next year. The concept is perfect for our new program.

Thank you so much for your generosity and for the fantastic material you provide. It is perfect for high school students.

We are taking Body Body and Power Play to competition this year. We'll keep our fingers crossed!

Jan Adamo, Franklin Academy

We performed your play (Power Play) on Sunday night at the Kawartha District Sears Drama festival and it won the Outstanding Production award (along with Awards of excellence for ensemble acting, tech work, direction and stage management)!!!

The adjudicator really loved how the play "took her on a journey...the character development was fantastic".

My students have been completely consumed by this project! It has been so rewarding as a teacher to see them so invested in something!

Thanks again for providing such amazing material for our students. They have learned so much from this experience.

Geoff Bemrose, Adam Scott CVI, Peterborough, ON

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Power Play
by Lindsay Price

 About 55 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

2 M | 3 W

Simple Set

 38 pages

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