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The Gorgon Sisters

Recommended for High Schools and Middle Schools

The Gorgon Sisters

by Laramie Dean

Can Stheno bring her sister Medusa back to life?

 About 50 minutes

Times given are approximate and do not include intermissions/scene changes/breaks

8 M | 10 W | 1 Any Gender, plus Harpies and Creatures, doubling possible

Simple set

 43 pages

Dramedy Classical Adaptation

Average Producer Rating:

Reviews from Past Producers

The story is everything to Stheno, the oldest gorgon sister. And this story is a big one, a hero’s quest. And not some lame quest like the one Perseus went on for a girl.

Stheno wants to bring her sister Medusa back to life. It’s impossible, and everyone tells her so - Hades, Heracles, Athena… but for someone like Stheno, the impossible just takes a little longer.

A fabulous take on these Ancient Greek characters with lots of casting flexibility and suggested cuts for one-act competitions.

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19 Characters
8 M, 10 W, 1 Any Gender, plus Harpies and Creatures, doubling possible
Stheno [W] 252 lines
Pronounced “THEE-no.” A Gorgon on a mission
Medusa [W] 18 lines
Stheno’s baby sister. Dead. Appears in flashbacks as a little girl.
Euryale [W] 35 lines
Pronounced “Yuh-RY-uh-lay.” Stheno’s sister. Also a Gorgon.
Heracles [M] 48 lines
A hero. Big and strong. Talks like a surfer dude.
Orpheus [M] 56 lines
A washed up musician.
Eurydice [W] 3 lines
Pronounced “Yuh-RID-uh-see.” Orpheus’ dead girlfriend.
The Harpies [W]
Women with the bodies of birds.
Athena [W] 30 lines
The goddess of wisdom.
The Minotaur [A]
A man with the head of a bull.
Hades [M] 50 lines
Lord of the Dead and the Underworld.
Apollo [M]
God of light.
Demeter [W] 2 lines
Goddess of the harvest.
Artemis [W] 1 line
Goddess of the hunt. Carries a bow and arrows.
Ares [M] 2 lines
God of war.
Poseidon [M] 28 lines
God of the sea. He carries a trident.
Zeus [M] 1 line
Ruler of all the gods. Carries a lightning bolt
Hera [W] 2 lines
Queen of the gods.
Io [W] 2 lines
A mortal. One of Zeus’s girlfriends whom Hera eventually transforms into a cow.
Perseus [M] 1 line
A hero. Handsome and dashing. He carries a sword and a shield.
Creatures of the Underworld [A]
Various spirits, monsters, devils that inhabit the Underworld and do Hades’ bidding.

Prop List

Clay, Bow, Cow Head, Sword & Shield, Babushka, Doll, Broken Doll, Giant Bone, Lyre, Trident, Lightening Bolt, Other various props for each of the gods to represent their powers

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