A Symphony of Sound Success: Stressed

Written by Lindsay Price

A symphony of sound. A symphony of character. Vivid themes. Vivid characters. Stressed by Alan Haehnel is a true theatrical experience for any drama students looking for a bit of a challenge and a whole lot of fun.

For Alex, it’s school. For Josh, it’s his girlfriend. For Carmen, it’s dealing with her coach. And Mindy’s frustrated with her parents. Stress is driving this quartet crazy – so much so they can’t stop talking about it.

This play is a symphony of sound and character. A challenging but incredibly fun piece.

The incredibly talented group of student performers that make up the Stromness Drama Club off the northeastern coast of Scotland in Orkney, didn’t stress at all about their production of Stressed. In fact, they thrived!

Every year we try to put on a youth production as part of the Scottish Community Drama Association’s one-act play competition. This year we were fortunate (or good!) enough to win the youth trophy and also to come 3rd overall. We also won the Northern Divisional Youth Final and will be competing at the Scottish Finals as well.

Congratulations, Stromness Drama Club!

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