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Theatrefolk’s Top 10: Ultimate Top Ten Guide

Ultimate Top Ten Play Guide
Written by Lindsay Price

Time for a Tfolk Top Ten Plays For….

Everything! Can’t find the time to climb a mountain of scripts to choose the right production for your group? We’ve made it super easy for you with our Ultimate Top Ten Guide for almost any Theatrefolk play you’re looking for!

Click the link and you’ll be taken to the webpage for each play. There you’ll get the details and read sample pages.

All the best with your search!

Need a play for a small cast?
Top 10 Small Cast Plays

Need a play for a large cast?
Top 10 Large Cast Plays

Want a variety of interesting scenes?
Top 10 Plays for Scene Work

Looking for a great ensemble piece?
Top 10 Ensemble Pieces

Want something relatable for teenage performers?
Top 10 Plays About Teen Life

Have a group of first-time actors?
Top 10 Plays for Beginners

Have some veteran actors who want to take it to the next level?
Top 10 Plays for Advanced Actors

Are you a fan of the classics?
Top 10 Classical Adaptations

Want a winning piece that fits competition rules?
Top 10 Competition Pieces

Planning for the holidays?
Top 10 Holiday Plays

Looking for a play with unique characters?
Top 10 Plays With Characters Only Found in Theatre

Want a play specifically for middle school students?
Top 10 Recommended Middle School Plays

Prefer a play geared towards high school students?
Top 10 Recommended High School Plays

Have a bit of a dramatic flair?
Top 10 Dramas

Want them rolling in the aisles?
Top 10 Comedies

Need a play with a lot of female or gender-flexible parts?
Top 10 All Girl Plays

Want a play that’s great for student directors?
Top 10 Plays for Student Directors

Looking to spark a discussion on empathy or help your students look outwards rather than inwards?
Top 10 Plays about Empathy

Need a show that can actually be rehearsed during a class period?
Top 10 Plays for Classroom Production

Have more girls than guys, guys than girls or students who want to choose their own path?
Top 10 Gender Flexible Plays

Want to reach out across department lines?
Top 10 Cross-Curricular Plays

Looking to emphasize the importance of support, empathy and community?
Top 10 Friendship Plays

Ready to take your tech elements to the next level?
Top 10 Plays to Stretch Your Tech

Can’t decide and want something tried and true?
Top 10 Most Popular Plays

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