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Theatrefolk’s Top 10: Recommended Middle School Plays

Time for a Tfolk Top Ten Plays For…

Middle School! You’re a middle school teacher looking for material specifically written for your students. You’ve come to the right place! We specialize in middle school plays with age appropriate characters and look at the issues middle schoolers are dealing with right now.

Click the link and you’ll be taken to the webpage for each play. There you’ll get the details and read sample pages.

All the best with your search!

Sometimes we choose the way the world sees us. Sometimes we’re put into a box by others – parents, friends, enemies. How do middle schoolers deal with perception? A vignette play with great small scene and monologue opportunities.

Frankenstein vs the Horrendous Goo
This play is a delight. Three dimensional characters, fabulous dialogue, creative staging of a horrendous mutant polymer! Students, administrators and parents get “goo-ed” by a green slime with a mind of its own. Why is Frankenstein called into save the day?

The Pauper Princess
A twist on The Price and the Pauper with two girls in the lead roles and Elizabethan England as the location. The Princess is Princess Elizabeth and the Pauper is a girl hiding as a boy in a location theatre production. A huge cast with roles for everyone who tries out. Don’t be scared by the era it’s Shakespeare meets modern middle school!

Some people take Rock-Paper-Scissors (aka Roshambo) seriously. Very seriously. So seriously they organize championship matches with national rankings. A middle school comedy that looks at what people will do to win. They’re not above an illegal scipper.

The Redemption of Gertie Greene
An upside down look at bullying in middle school. Is Gertie really what everyone calls her: a freak, strange, stupid, clumsy, and mean? Ms Fillmore’s drama class separate fact from fiction and the importance of standing up for those who can’t do it for themselves.

School Daze
The first day of middle school can be a house of horrors. Will I fit in? How will I find the right class? A vignette style play that you can do with a class. This play has found a lot of success with schools performing it for their incoming students.

Ariadne’s Thread
Bring Greek mythology to life! A fantastic modern version of the Theseus and the Minotaur myth complete with an active chorus. Choral speaking, a twist on the traditional story and a lot of humour.

The Magic Diary of Mozambique
Darla feels invisible and that nothing goes her way. She wishes she had a better life. When her globetrotting sister gives her a diary, Darla thinks it’s just another dumb present. Then, bizarre things start happening and suddenly EVERYTHING’S going Darla’s way. Be careful what you wish for.

Hoodie examines image and appearance in the vignette style. It poses what may be the most difficult question of all for middle schoolers – Do I stay in the clump or do I stand alone?

Almost History: that whole space time continuum thing
A Reporter and a Sidekick livestream from great moments in American history. While middle school students watch, the Reporter gets into a number of misadventures and changes the course of history. Even Einstein and Marie Curie cannot undo the disaster! It’ll take a miracle to restore order to the “whole space-time continuum thing.”

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