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Theatrefolk’s Top 10: Plays to Stretch Your Tech

Top Ten Plays to Stretch Your Tech
Written by Lindsay Price

Time for a Tfolk Top Ten Plays To….

Stretch your tech. We pride ourselves at Theatrefolk that you can produce most of our plays with two cubes. And you could take away one of the cubes if you had to. But what if you want to stretch your tech? What if you’ve got a production class with kids who must design for more than two cubes? Wonder no longer. Here are 10 plays that will Stretch your Tech.

Click the link and you’ll be taken to the webpage for each play. There you’ll get the details and read sample pages. Hand this list over to your student directors and see what they think.

All the best with your search!

Cobweb Dreams
A fairy forest world is a great place to stretch your costume design and set design tech.
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The Pauper Princess
A period set and costumes that allow for some flexibility in authenticity spell fun for your techs.
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Emotional Baggage
An awesome costume design pick, but also an amazing sound design option. There are no words in this play and while music choices are suggested, why not have your Sound Designer come up with their own vision?
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Frankenstein Among the Dead
Frankenstein Among the Dead
Has all the tech elements: a monster design, a period piece, atmospheric lighting and sound. Tons of possibilities.
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Horror Movie 101Horror Movie 101: Failing Can Be Deadly
Add make-up to your tech stretching. Horror has the best opportunities for make-up design. How will you create the undead?
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Upon A Sea of Dreams
In this play realism is key. Your techs will have to create period costumes, a realistic set and the off-stage sound of the Titanic going down.
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Dead Men Don’t Do Radio Plays
It’s all about the sound in a radio play. Not only will your sound designer have to plan for period music but how will they make all the sound effects?
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The Absolutely Insidious and Absolutely Terrifying Truth about Cat Hair
Cat Hair is a character in this play. How will your costume designer create their look? Abstract? Realism? Colourful? Black and white? The sky is the limit.
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A Lighter Shade of Noir
This play takes place within a specific genre: noir. There’s a lot of tech elements that spark creativity when you’re working within a specific genre.
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The set for this play suggests only six chairs. But each scene takes place in a different time period. How can you use lighting, sound, costume, and make-up to show those time periods? And maybe you don’t have to just use six chairs….
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