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Google Tools in the Theatre Arts Classroom

Created by Anna Porter

Have you been wanting to find some new ways to enhance your classroom with technology? Have you been told you need to integrate technology in your classroom but don’t know where to start or what would even make sense to use in the drama classroom?

Whether you want to find some new ways to diversify your instruction and assessment, provide new resources and opportunities for your students, or simply needs some help with organization and communication, Google Tools has a treasure trove of resources ready for you to use today.

Instructor Anna Porter covers the tools of Google Forms, Photos, Calendar, Earth, Custom Search and Sites. Each lesson has video examples of how to use the tools as well as tips and resources for each module.

9 Modules
1 hours, 32 minutes
3 Credit Hours

Course Outline

Lesson 0: Introduction 4:27 FREE PREVIEW
Gives an overview of the course and how it will break down into various modules.
Lesson 1: Getting Started 12:25 FREE PREVIEW
This lesson covers how to set up a Google account and how to access the tools that will be covered in the course. It also introduces resources and provides ideas for teaching digital citizenship and setting up classroom rules and routines in regards to technology.
Lesson 2A: Google Forms Part 1 10:00
How to create a Google form using a digital audition form as an example.
Lesson 2B: Google Forms Part 2 8:18
This lesson explores additional ways to utilize the forms and the information gathered in the drama classroom
Lesson 3: Google Photos 10:11
This lesson explores how Google Photos can help your students communicate using pictures, as well as how you can utilize it as a teacher to organize, document and share your program’s resources.
Lesson 4: Google Calendar 9:19
This lesson explores how to use Google Calendar to organize and communicate events with all of your stakeholders.
Lesson 5: Google Earth 11:52
This lesson teaches how to build context and take your students on a virtual field trip to locations that you are discussing and exploring in class and production.
Lesson 6: Google Custom Search 10:39
This lesson will explore how you can help your students focus on key information by creating a custom Google Search Engine that they can use for your class.
Lesson 7: Google Sites 15:05
This final lesson explores the ways in which you can utilize Google Sites in your class and program.

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Standards Addressed

National Core Arts Standards

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work - Grade 6

TH:Cr1.1.6.b - Identify solutions to design challenges in a drama/theatre work.

Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work - High School Proficient

TH:Cr1.1.HSI.b - Explore the impact of technology on design choices in a drama/theatre work.

California VAPA Standards (2019)

6.TH:Cr1 Generate and conceptualize artistic ideas and work

6.TH:Cr1.c - Identify solutions to design challenges in a drama/theatre work.

Georgia Performance Standards - Theatre Arts

North Carolina Essential Standards

Tennessee Theatre Curriculum Standards

Tennessee Theatre standards (2018) standards were built using the framework of the NCAS which is built on four key domains: Creating, Performing/Presenting/Producing, Connecting, and Responding. Within each of these domains are foundations and standards to support the development of curriculum, programs, and learning.
(source: Tennessee Department of Education, Tennessee Academic Standards for Fine Arts, Summer 2018)

Please refer to National Core Arts Standards to determine the standard that best suits your needs.

Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Theatre Arts

MS 117.212 LII - Foundations: Inquiry and Understanding

B.1.E - demonstrate knowledge of theatrical vocabulary and terminology.

MS 117.213 LIII - Foundations: Inquiry and Understanding

B.1.E - apply knowledge of theatrical vocabulary and terminology.

HS 117.315 LI - Historical and cultural relevance

C.4.B - relate historical and cultural influences on theatre.

HS 117.316 LII - Foundations: Inquiry and Understanding

C.1.F - relate the interdependence of all theatrical elements.

Alberta, Canada

Theatre Studies Drama 10 (Greek, Medieval or Elizabethan, and Canadian)

1 - recognize theatre has evolved as a traditional art form

British Columbia (2018)

GRADE 9 - DRAMA - Reasoning and reflecting

Receive, offer, and apply constructive feedback

GRADE 10 - DRAMA - Reason and reflect

Apply feedback to develop and refine ideas

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